Mother Earth

Originally posted on Life:
Mother Earth Hello Mother…Earth! I am that mother fucker. Who have pounded you, I have kamasutrad your body In showing you my superiority…


Dignity Honour, pride, esteem, dignity, By the time you’d opened your eyes little child, The only thing you would remember – self-preservation The first four letters are… Read more “Dignity”


Negativity is the tool of strength to carve your positive paths. If you don’t know how to use it you can mess up your path.

New Home

New Home I’ve made lifelong deal with Present. RIP Past. My new address- Present. My new neighbors- Heres and Nows! Future lives 5 minutes too far.


HumanS Actions: Wars, wars, wars and more wars Population: Multiplication Never ending, taking over the universe Abuse: Exploiting nature infinitely by working against nature. Control: Egoistic, paranoid,… Read more “Humans”